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Who we are:

We are Team Shelf Space! The perception in house is that of a ‘Sotho’ culture meaning a calm, friendly bunch that perceive the group as family. The best thing about us is that we are FAST in everything we do, from taking your call to showing up and finishing your shelving installation. We pride ourselves in being efficient when we deal with our clients.

What we do:

Shelf Space creates happiness through order. We offer solutions. We make plans to organise untidy spaces by using top quality products to build our shelving and rail systems. Our quality products is backed by excellent service.

Why we do it:

We are simply following our passion to help others achieve happiness. We do it through tidy spaces, tidy spaces as result of our shelving makes our clients happy. Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied client!


In the late 1990’s Karl van Staden returned to JHB, his home town, to start up a branch for a Cape Town company he was part of.  A couple of years later he went on his own and Shelf Space was started in the early 2000’s. Shelf Space has clients that they still service dating back from 2002.  Shelf Space has moved premises a couple of times around the Honeydew area. In 2015 they bought their own building in Cosmo Business Park were the head office and factory is now situated.