An untidy garage can cause stress and anxiety

Untidy Garage can lead to stress and anxiety

How an untidy garage can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety


Garage shelving used in this garage speaks of order and tidiness

A tidy garage can make a difference to your state of mind.

The garage is one of the most useful apartments in your home. Just like the kitchen, the garage is a very important room. A lot of people all over the world use garages as a storage space for items that do not fit the major rooms in the home. Continuous disposure of items in the garage without proper organization can make the room untidy and cause mental and psychological effects.

Generally, a garage can make life easier for you as a homeowner. However, if your garage is not properly cared for, it can cause a lot of issues to you and your family.

An untidy garage can cause stress.

Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes and offices. A messy home or workplace can leave us feeling stressed, helpless, anxious, and overwhelmed. Yet, an untidy garage is not recognized as a significant source of stress by most people.

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How does an untidy garage cause stress?

  • Clutters overwhelm our minds with excessive, unhealthy stimuli (olfactory, visual, and tactile) and cause these senses to work overtime on unnecessary and unimportant stimuli.
  • Clutters can distract us, thereby drawing our attention towards something irrelevant.
  • An untidy garage makes it more difficult to relax, both mentally and physically.
  • An untidy garage always send signal to our brain about a work we left undone.
  • Clutters make us feel anxious of what we need to do to get through.
  • An untidy garage creates a sense of guilt or embarrassed. It makes you feel you are dirty or unorganized.
  • Clutters occupy the open spaces that should naturally allow you to think freely and act accordingly.
  • Clutters can be frustrating as it prevents us from locating what we need quickly and easily.
  • Clutter makes us unfocused, explains Dr. Bourg Carter, and sends messages to our brains that our work is “never done.” Additionally, it hinders us from creativity and productivity by “invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brain storm, and problem solve,” she explains.


Taking care of your garage

Definitely, clutters keep accumulating everyday and the garage has always been their final destination. If care is not taken, the clutters can pile up and cause psychological stress and other effects as explained above.

Proper and adequate storage of your garage items can help you avoid most of these effects. If your garage is properly arranged, you wouldn’t need to worry about the mental and psychological difficulties it bring.

We have the perfect solution to transform untidy garages!

Most people just do not have the time to attend to their untidy garages and this often seems like too much of an overwhelming task. Luckily, we can help.

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Storage Shelves combined with Hook and Rail – A Better Storage Option

Storage shelves are the best option when it comes to garage storage. They can help you to properly and adequately store your clutters and ensure that your garage is properly organized.

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If you are cautious of the health risks of an untidy garage, then you’d surely be willing to avoid them.


We help you achieve happiness through creating order.

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