The best storeroom shelving around

Image of files on storeroom shelf. This filing storeroom shelv has been customised to include as much as pssible files on one shelf without loosing capacity.

The best storeroom shelving for your storerooms


At Shelf Space we specialise in storeroom shelving that are strong, durable and quick to install. No matter how large or small the storeroom is, our shelving is fully customisable to any size. In all our years in the industry, our team have never came across a storeroom we can not optimise, unlike metal shelves, our timber shelves are customisable to cater for any item, big or small. Our shelves can also be adjusted to accommodate both small and larger items on the shelves, and extra shelves can be added with ease.



Steel vs Timber Shelves for your storeroom.

Probably the greatest advantage of our storeroom shelves is that they are made of solid pine wood. Not only are they extremely durable and able to carry large weights, we are able to customise around any problem we encounter on site. We do not have to go back to the factory just because a DB board or plug is in the way of your perfect storeroom shelf. We customise it to fit your storeroom right there and then.


We install the strongest storeroom shelving in any storeroom.

Our standard storeroom shelving has 5 shelves per sections, each of these sections can carry a weight total of half a ton meaning each storeroom shelf can carry a weight of 100kgs!

Our storeroom shelving dimensions:

Our Standard Filing and Archive Storeroom Shelving Dimensions

Our Standard Filing and Archive Shelving Dimensions

The height of our storeroom shelves depends on your needs and we can supply our standard shelving up to 2,7 meters high. The amount of levels you need per section entirely depends on what you need to pack on your storeroom shelves. We have different depths available from 300mm to 600mm. We will give you the best advice on how to optimise your storeroom shelving and assist you with these choices.


Popular uses of our Storeroom Shelving:

The most popular use for our shelving is probably in filing and archive rooms. But our shelving is also very popular in the hospitality industry were they are used for wine racks and linen storage. The slatted shelves allows for proper airflow which is crucial for linen storage.


Longer span shelves than our standard storeroom shelving visible in this image.


What about Storeroom racking?

We do in some cases find that shelving with its width limitation of 900mm is not suitable. In these cases we utilise a racking system consisting of metal frames and beams as the structure with timber decks for the loading areas. This system allows us to facilitate larger items. We supply and install these racking systems when needed.

Some quick advice on storeroom shelving:

We see a greater demand in clients commissioning us to install our storage shelving in basement storerooms, we see an increase in these storerooms as some companies convert basement parking into storage, in our opinion, this is an excellent plan.

Another tip I would like to give you, especially if you are planning a new building or office, think of your storeroom at this stage. We find a lot of our clients coming to us for crisis management as the need for a storage arises, luckily we are always able to provide them with the best storeroom shelving advice, as our storage shelves are fully customisable to any size and room.

Yours in Shelving

PS. Did you know that it takes only ONE day for TWO of our guys, to install 400 storeroom shelves!! Our clients are always amazed by how quick, clean and noise free our installations are. I will write about that next time.