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Our Standard Filing and Archive Shelving Dimensions

Shelf Space has innovative Storage Solutions 🙂


For more than 10 years Shelf Space has been manufacturing, retailing and installing Timber Shelving, proving to be the best storage solutions around. Our versatile product is suitable for both the domestic and corporate markets. Our domestic range is ideal for garages, garden sheds, linen rooms, pantries, wine racks, home offices and children’s rooms.


Photos of how our Storage Solutions are applied in Home and Corporate Market


A strong and durable storage solution

Our Standard Filing and Archive Storeroom Shelving Dimensions

Our Standard Filing and Archive Shelving Dimensions

Image on how Shelf Space can transform any garage with hook and rail and garage shelving system

Our Hook and Rail Combined with Garage Shelving


We manufacture a standard range of slatted and solid timber units. The sizing varies from shelves of 900mm wide (left to right) and depths (from front to back) of 300,400,500 and 600mm. Due to the nature of timber, as opposed to metal, we can easily customize our range to fit any space that is not suited for our standard range.

The recommended shelving height is 2m high due to standard ceilings being 2.5m. This leaves 500mm above the top shelf that can be utilised for packing larger items used infrequently. Again with timber, our product can effortlessly be customized to any height but, to a maximum of 2.7mm.

Our system has dispelled the general perception that metal is stronger than timber on many occasions. Our shelves can carry up to 150kg per shelf. Any normal domestic garage application will rarely carry more than 50kg per shelf.

Shelf Space has designed unique canvas covers to cover open shelves. These basic yet functional canvas covers create an even tidier space if needs be. This cost-effective method is more convenient than fitted doors. Accessing shelving content does not become cumbersome even in small spaces or garages where vehicles are parked.

The “Hook & Rail” system is a locally manufactured Shelf Space design. This innovation provides a storage solution that can deal with larger items that are not easily packed on standard shelves. Our ‘local is lekker’ Hook & Rail system is ideally suited for awkward items such as bicycles, garden equipment, camping chairs, weed eaters and ladders to name but a few.


Our storage solutions can solve your storage problems

Shelf Space products can be ordered telephonically and through our online shop. We provide a free on-site quotation service in Gauteng (JHB & PTA). Installations are done within the greater Gauteng area and nationally on larger projects.

All our products are available in cost-effective and easily shipped DIY format. Our website provides detailed information and inventive renovation ideas.

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