Flat Bike Hook


Like all our other hooks, the Flat Bike Hook simply slides into our 1.2 meter rail, with other hooks.

All our hooks are multi functional, but, the Flat Bike Hook hook is mostly used to hang bikes flat against the wall, it is a single hook and our 1.2 meter rail can comfortably accommodate 2 bike hooks. A popular choice combination with the Flat Bike Hook is our Short Single Hooks and Cup hooks, for bags and helmets.

The bike is normally hanged from the back wheel. However in cases were you would like to have the handle bars above head height the bike can also be hanged from the front wheel.

You may also use this hook with the single hook rail if you would like too hang only one bike.

Weight Capacity: 20kg
Material: Powder coated mild steel
Colour: Silver Grey

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