Book shelving units


Our Standard book / filing shelving contains 6 levels (shelves) per section to the height of 2030mm. The width of a single shelf is 900mm wide and 300mm deep. Each section increases the width(left to right) by 906mm. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate larger items. The gap between shelves are 370mm if spaced evenly as in the picture.

Weight baring is comfortably 100Kg per shelf relating to over HALF A TON (600Kg) per 900mm section. You will not come close to this weight with books or files.

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Close Up photo of our shelving and screws.

We use solid Pine Wood to manufacture our shelves and we use only the best galvanized steel screws for optimal shelving performance.

Advantages of our shelves:

  • Solid Pine Wood – Your shelves will not crack or chip as is the case with compressed wood.
  • We have selected only the best galvanized German imported screws to fix our shelves.
  • Our shelves are adjustable – they can of different heights to ensure enough room for larger or smaller items you want to store on the shelves
  • Durable – In our experience the only thing that happens to our shelves after many years is that the wood’s colour goes a tint darker.
  • Our shelving is easy to install if you are a DIY person.


Advantage of using our installation service: (jhb & Pta Only – For other areas contact us)

  • We will deliver and install your shelves quickly.
  • We will give you free advice and make practical suggestions to optimise your space.
  • We are passionate about our product and will ensure your shelves are properly installed.