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This free consultation offer is valid for Gauteng Clients Only

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You deserve the best storeroom advice. We offer it for free. Shelving is our business but our mission is to create happiness through order. Your untidy space will be transformed in no time with our shelving.

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You do not have to wait long for us, we show up quick and finish installation without disrupting your business. Fast and low noise during installation.

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Ideal for storerooms, filing rooms, shop front and back end and hospitality linen and wine storage. Our shelving can carry large weights and will last you a life time.

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Take advantage of our

We will schedule a quick visit to establish the best possible solution on how we can solve your shelving problem!


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     Our shelving is super fast to install and every client is amazed by our installation times.  We do not disrupt your day at the office, no loud noise, clean installation and quick service.  Our high quality timber shelving has brought order to many untidy filing and storage rooms and we know it will do the same for you..

    This free consultation offer is valid for Gauteng Clients Only | Contact our Head office for more information on 010 593 9886


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